When you are deciding on things for your kids in Amarillo to do this summer you have some ideas. You know in the process that you want them to have fun. It won't hurt if they can learn something. Oh, and if they can learn something that they can use in their everyday life then score.

Those life skills can be very beneficial. So learning those in a fun way can be a win. Getting the kids to learn about all the stuff they can do in the kitchen is a good start. I mean some kids just grow up learning and knowing how to cook. Some are a tougher sale.

So if you can introduce them to cooking or baking that is a great start. I mean as an adult there are many meals, many events that require you to get in the kitchen and show off your skills. Yes, you can just run to the store or the bakery but what is the fun in that?

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So when you are looking for kid's activities this summer think about what they could be learning as those life lessons. That is where The Ruffled Cup steps in with some fun activities. Yes, they get the kids familiar with being in the kitchen but they are the first to admit this is supposed to be fun.

The basic classes are FUN and meant to be silly and relaxed- but the advanced classes will be more regimented and have an example to follow!

Even a lot of the themes are fun. I mean there is Bluey. Who doesn't love Bluey? There is also Barbie and Disney. Learning to decorate and be good at it is something that will leave your friends in awe for years to come.

So a decorating class could be just the thing. Your child has to be at least five for the beginner classes and nine for the more advanced.

The Ruffled Cup
The Ruffled Cup

If this seems like just the thing for your family you can get them signed up HERE.

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