This is the case of Johnston's Hardware in Canyon. They have been in Canyon for nearly fifty years. They have been there helping a lot of families get the stuff they need to fix up their first home. They have been there when new fences are being put up in the Canyon area.

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They have been a part of a lot of families' lives. They have decided that after forty-eight years that they are needing to close their doors. They have had a great run and the community hates to see them go.

I am sad for us but certainly appreciate all the years ya’ll have served our community! - Terrie

The Square just won't be the same without them. They have grown accustomed to seeing Curt and Stan in their rightful location. I am just imagining how many businesses have come and gone over the years that Johnston's Hardware has watched come and go. I bet they have some great stories to tell.

You will be able to ask them. They did not close their doors without any warning. I hate when businesses have to do that.  No, they are inviting the community to join them as they start to liquidate their inventory.

They will be doing just that over the next thirty days. So plenty of time for you to stop in and give your good wishes. Plenty of time to swap stories. Plenty of time to say your goodbyes. Oh and heck you can pick up a good deal as well.

Curt, we will miss you and Johnston’s Hardware on the square. I enjoyed working there when I was young with your sweet mom and dad. So many great memories, my friend. -Vicki

We certainly wish Curt and Stan great success in whatever they plan to do in the future. Canyon is certainly going to miss knowing your store will be there when they have a honey-do chore or an emergency project at the house.

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