One of the biggest struggles and stresses for parents is finding a daycare for their child. There is just so much that goes into finding the perfect one for your family. You want one that takes great care of your kid. That is the number one concern.

You want one that they will make lifelong friends at. You want them to learn. Oh, and it has to be something that you can afford. Parents do a lot of research. They do a lot of calling around. They can take to social media to get recommendations from other parents.

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So once you find a daycare and your child loves it you hope that your worries are over. Until something like this unexpectedly happens. They close. I don't mean for a holiday. No I mean they just close for good.

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Then the headaches start again. The process has to start again. That is what recently happened to the parents who had kids at Southwest Montessori - 4100 Republic Ave in Amarillo.

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They recently closed with no warning. Most parents found out about their now lack of daycare by word of mouth. The only thing on their social media page was who to contact if you had questions about daycare. It didn't say they were closed. That was on their page the day they closed.

One parent who talked to the owner was told that after the flooding she couldn't keep up with rent and decided to close. A tough decision for the owner, yes I get that. Also very tough on the hundred or so kids who now have to find a new place.

It's a struggle I know I went through that with my own daughter many years ago. It's not a fun situation to be in at all.

The families who had to start that struggle over and find that perfect place, again, for their child. It's tough for everyone involved. I hope every kid found a new place to call theirs.

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