Amarillo restaurants love to keep us on our toes. We get excited when a new place opens. We get sad when one goes away.

Sometimes we give them a second chance after a horrible experience. Sometimes we don't. We love what we love. We love good food. We love to get good service. We have a lot of great restaurants that give us both. Those are the ones we stick with. If we can add a new place that offers both then heck, we are happy.

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There is one location in Amarillo that has recently undergone some big changes. You know, that little restaurant that's in the Amarillo Netplex. Yeah, that one.

It started off as Moondoggy's. I was so excited when they got their second location in the Netplex. They had a great location Downtown at that time. Then the pandemic hit. The location on 58th closed, then Moondoggy's Downtown ended up closing down as well. What a bummer.

Next in line at that location inside Netplex, we had Timeout Sports Bar & Grill. They opened up late in 2021. I saw some really good reviews and a few not so good. But hey, I figured that the good times would roll.

But wait.

Timeout Sports Bar & Grill is Going Through Some Changes

Talk about a makeover!

It looks like they are getting new ownership and new food. You will recognize this new owner. I mean they are famous for some good barbecue here in Amarillo.

According to Timeout Sports Bar & Grill:

Robinsons BBQ will be taking over and keeping the Timeout name in it.
Robinsons BBQ has been in business for over 30 years.
They are going to start with just barbecue options but are looking to add more options shortly. So this is officially a thing now as they began their soft opening last Friday. Let's hope they have great success in this location.

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