I got a phone call the other night from a friend. After we caught up with everything going on in our lives she got to why she really called. Vaping. I will be the first to admit I have never had a problem with smoking. I never enjoyed it. I tried but not really for me. Plus the smell. Yuck.

So when vaping became a thing I realized that it was kind of a cool thing. I mean if you vaped you didn't have to worry about going home smelling of smoke. Those of us who didn't smoke also wouldn't have to walk through your nasty smoke smell as we are trying to walk into work.

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So I thought vaping was pretty cool. Oh, and it is for those that are of legal age. The problem is that kids are getting their hands on it. I know I had a bunch of friends who would sneak off to the bathroom in high school and smoke. It was a thing. They had to limit their cigarettes because they didn't want to go back to class, or more importantly, back home with that nasty smell on them.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Now with vaping these kids don't have to stop at just one. They can smoke up until the time they get home. There might be a fruity smell but parents won't suspect anything and that is the problem.

At least back in our days if our parents found out they would make the child smoke a whole pack until they get sick and never wanted another one. I am not sure how well that worked but it was something.

When I was talking with my friend she was mentioning how addictive vaping is and the fact that kids become addicted so easily. I mean there is still nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. Kids' brains are not equipped for this. Some places are even selling directly to kids. It's not like they have to even find an older adult to purchase for them.

This to me is scary. Vaping is cool for the right person. Not so much for kiddos. It's not meant for them. Schools are having issues catching the kids. They want to make sure vape pens are not in the wrong hands but it's hard these days.

Have you noticed there is a problem? Is vaping a problem in your family that you know of? I have had several friends reach out and tell me their stories and they really are at their wit's end.

I have always said technology is great. Things improving over the years are what we want. Vaping was not what I expected. We need to do better and make sure all these great flavors that are targeted at kids don't actually get to them. They can wait until they are older and can't mess up their brains anymore.

Businesses please do your part and don't sell to the kids. If you are, stop. You are not being cool. You are setting yourself up for possibly losing your job or just getting the business in trouble.

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