Our pups are our best friends. They are the only ones who are truly happy to see you every single day when you come home from a long day at work. They don't judge. They may make a mess or two in the house but they do it with love.

So to think that there are so many dogs out there without homes is really heartbreaking. To think that there are furry friends without the proper care is just sad. We tend to think that our pups are the ones that truly hold our families together and there are some dogs are there that are truly neglected.

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That is why there are places out there to help with those dogs that need a home. There are several and this is why. There has to be several organizations because unfortunately there are also several forgotten dogs.

This is where the Forgotten Dog League of Amarillo steps in to help the dogs. They, though, need funds to keep going. As with any non-profit they try to come up with all sorts of fun fundraisers to help them along the way.

They are going to be out at Bubba's 33 this Friday night with all kinds of fun going on. There is going to be a lot of Live fun going on so if you can't be there you want to make sure you follow their Facebook Page HERE.

There is going to be a one-chip challenge. Where one of the hottest chips ever is going to be taken on. There is also a fundraiser for someone to eat a chocolate-covered scorpion. You can also nominate someone to take a pie in the face.

I also heard the rumor that one of their "big wigs" (pun intended) may end up shaving her head if another goal is met. She is already shopping for wigs. It may be a shaven head or it may end up being a bad tattoo. Nobody really knows. We just know it is going to be a lot of fun.

All of this fun plus more will be happening in the parking lot of Bubba's 33, 2813 I-40, on Friday from 6 pm - 9 pm. Make sure you are a part of all of the fun.

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