How can you tell that an event is successful here in Amarillo? Well, when it comes back for another year, of course. When we get a repeat performance to enjoy, that is the true tell. That is what we found out when it came to a first-ever event we had last summer.

The event? Diamond and Gold - Tribute to Neil Diamond will be making a second go-around on June 15th at the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts. If you went last year you know why it is back again. It's a lot of fun.

Who doesn't sing along when Neil Diamond comes on? Who doesn't get ready to "bum bum bum" anytime Sweet Caroline starts? You know you have been out and about at a bar or a sporting event and the magic when that song starts. You're thinking about it now, aren't you?

You can experience it again all to benefit The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Amarillo. Dean Yates will be back with his Gold and Diamond Concert Band.

Band members:

  • Dean Yates - Guitar/Vocals
  • Dr. Dan Hanson - Keyboards
  • Mary Lyn Halley - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
  • Marshall Pjesky - Guitar
  • Miranda Pjesky - Bass Guitar
  • Dr. Jim Rennier - Drums
  • Cathleen Tyson-Day - Vocals

Tickets are only $25 and you can get them HERE. You can also follow their Facebook page HERE.

So while you are filling up your calendar with fun things to do this summer this needs to be on it. I can guarantee that this will be a night that will find you singing and dancing along. How could you not?

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