We always talk about the amount of coffee shops here in Amarillo, and truthfully it's the same for Texas in general. I mean, we have so many to choose from, but apparently for good reason. I mean, have you ever seen a coffee shop go out of business in Amarillo?

It's blatantly obvious that we like our coffee, so it kind of makes me wonder, what is the favorite coffee drink of Texans? With so many different places putting their spins on these drinks to separate themselves, I was curious to see what Texans enjoy the most.

I thought for sure I'd find that Texans love drinking different types of latte's. It seems to be one of the drinks that has the most options at just about any coffee shop you go to. Turns out, I was actually wrong.

The most popular coffee drink in Texas is a cappuccino! That seems like such an old school drink, I mean it was like the first "fancy" coffee drink that was really introduced, and I remember the cappuccino craze back in the 90's across the U.S.

Now, I'm not sure if we're lumping Frappuccino's in this category. I would imagine we are considering it IS a derivative of a cappuccino, so if that's the case, it makes a little more sense as to why it's the most popular. I do see a lot of Frappuccino's being consumed.

In true Texas fashion, we don't follow the trend of the country. The most popular coffee drink in the United States is actually an espresso where it took the top spot in a stunning 28 states. The latte came in second with 14 states claiming it as their favorite, then the cappuccino checked in at third on the list with 11 states saying it's their fave.

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