It's been a whirlwind of a week already. We found out about a few businesses and restaurants closing. When we lose food in the area luckily it seems that there is food heading our way to fill the void.

One that opened without much warning. Oh, and I am glad that it did is one I have been waiting patiently for. I was waiting since Leal's closed to get someone in that location. Then in late June, I discovered Senor Chubby's Mexican Bar and Grill.

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When I reached out to them they had a target date for opening. They were shooting for late September. Then I started seeing their many posts about looking for employees to fill various roles. So I knew it was getting close.

I would soon be able to add another Mexican food restaurant to stop at that was by my house. That excites me to no end. We used to go to Leal's quite a lot. So I am very hopeful that I will love this one as much.

Then I saw the post that I was looking forward to seeing:

They are open and ready for business. They opened up on Taco Tuesday. Which is very fitting.

I had to shoot a quick text home to my daughter to let her know that we have a new place to try out this week.

They will have lunch specials to look forward to when you are making your break from work.

credit: Senor Chubby's
credit: Senor Chubby's

So welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to Amarillo. I look forward to a long and happy relationship. Review to follow.......

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