We have made it into 2023, some people enter the year with expectations, and some don't.

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The new year brings resolutions for many people, which are goals they aim to achieve in 2023.  However, it may be harder for those in Amarillo to keep those resolutions.

According to a new study for WalletHub.com, Amarillo is one of the worst cities for keeping your New Year's Resolutions.

To determine where Americans are most likely to stick to their goals for 2023, WalletHub considered some of the most popular (and most commonly broken) resolutions to rank more than 180 U.S. cities based on their conduciveness to self-improvement. In each city, we looked at a total of 57 key metrics, ranging from exercise opportunities to income growth to employment outlook.

Out of 180 cities, Amarillo ranked 141st.   Of course, the bigger cities sit at the top of the list and at the bottom of the list.  Bigger cities have more people per capita, more gyms, more financial institutions, and just more.   However, Amarillo has some good rankings and some not-so-good rankings.

Amarillo's lowest rank was in Relationship Resolutions at 152.  Amarillo's highest rank was 66 for School and Work Resolutions.

Why would it be harder to keep resolutions in Amarillo than in any other city in the county?

This is just a study.  It depends on the person, whether they keep their resolutions or not.  If it's getting into better health, then as we all learned during COVID, you can work out at home just as easily as you can at the gym.  You may not have access to all the fancy weights and machines, but it can be done.  If it is financial, then you have to budget for your means and make a plan to pay off your debt.  If it is relationships, that's the luck of the draw.  You never know when you might find your partner.  All of these things can happen or not happen in any city.  Not just Amarillo.

If it makes you feel better, Lubbock was ranked 144th.  So, they are still ranked lower than Amarillo.

Here are the top and bottom cities

Whether you keep your resolutions or not, the Amarillo area is a good place to live.  As with any other city and area, it has its problems and areas that need to be improved on.   Maybe Amarillo needs its own resolutions.

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