Have you been in this situation?  You're a WT student pulling an all-nighter studying and getting ready for some big exams and you have the craving for a Whataburger Taquito, but since you're in Canyon, you're out of luck unless you drive to Hollywood Rd.

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Or you've had a night of partying and you just want the goodness of a greasy Whataburger burger or taquito.

Photo Credit: Whataburger
Photo Credit: Whataburger

Back in October we kind of teased that Whataburger was coming into Canyon.  Well great news!  You'll have one just down the road.  It's official, Whataburger is coming to Canyon.  Well, it's not Whataburger official, (they are still being hush, hush on the subject).

According to paperwork filed with state agencies, the start date will be September 2023 with a competition date of February 2024.

The location will be at N 23rd and 1st Street which is where the now-empty Donut Stop building is located.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The project's estimated cost is $2.7 million dollars.

This will be the perfect location for Whataburger!  It's across the street from the WTAMU campus and it'll be perfect for those late-night cravings while you're studying. Not only that, it's time that the citizens of Canyon had more choices of places to eat in town, without having to drive to Amarillo.

Hmmm, I can't help but wonder if this is why Wendy's is rebuilding their Canyon location.  They know they have a new competitor coming to town.

The first Whataburger was served in 1950 and it has been a staple in the lives of Texans since that day.  In fact, the longest-running Whataburger in Alice, Texas just celebrated 70 years.

Let's hope this new Canyon franchise will be celebrating its 70 years in 2094.

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