I have high hopes that our city will eventually get control of crime. However, this weekend proves that it is far from it.

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Picture this if you will. Families sleep in on a Sunday morning enjoying their rest before getting up to go to church or sleeping in and enjoying a lazy Sunday because that’s what people do on Sundays. However, families in Western Plateau were startled awake by a string of gunshots around 5 am on Sunday morning.

I say startled awake because my family was one of the families woken by the sounds of gunshots. Of course, what did we do immediately go to the neighborhood Facebook page to see if we were the only ones and no we were not.

This crime occurred on the 5000 Block of Oregon. According to the Amarillo Police Department they received a call about gunshots at 5:10 AM Sunday, September 11, 2022, however, the original call said Matador Trl.  Once arriving on Oregon Trl the officers located a gunshot victim.  The injuries we not life-threatening.  According to the victim he and a friend had been at a bar and invited some girls they didn't know to their home.  Not long after arriving at the house a blue SUV drove by the hours and fired several shots at the victim and his home.

This crime is still under investigation by the Amarillo Police Violent Crimes unit.

A home and cars that did not belong to the victim, but to some neighbors in the area were damaged by gunfire.

Courtesy of Jennifer Daniel
Courtesy of Jennifer Daniel
Our house got hit as well as both my kids' cars. Bad shots cops seem to think they were shooting at our neighbors and we got all the bullets

If I can get this story right, a person got upset because his girl or a girl he liked went home with another guy.  So to show his disdain or his machismo, this person drove down a neighborhood block shooting at a house and hitting the victim and other homes in the process.

I don't care how much you like a girl/woman/person, is that person or your pride worth hurting or killing an innocent victim, just to make a point?  Uh yeah, probably not.

How do we make this insanity stop?

A grandmother was watching her grandson over the weekend and was on the block where this occurred.

They were shooting down the whole block I had to lay on my grandson till it was done. Very scary!

If you think crime is just happening in one certain part of Amarillo, think again.  This is the third instance where APD has been called to this part of the neighborhood.  Two included SWAT/CIRT teams.  It happens all over the city.  This was a quiet neighborhood.  Most of the people that live in this neighborhood are young families, and senior citizens enjoying their retirement in the home they have lived in most of their life.  Lately, it has been once crime scene after another.

Again, how do we make this crime stop?  Amarillo we are better than this, and it needs to stop.

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