In a city like Amarillo, driving is the primary mode of transportation. As a result, cars tend to get dirty quickly. Thankfully, Amarillo is home to numerous excellent car wash facilities, ensuring residents can easily keep their vehicles clean.

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However, some people prefer not to use automatic car washes for fear of damaging their vehicle.

I was in a car wash one day, and it malfunctioned.  The car behind me hit me (to no fault of their own) and left my bumper damaged.   The car wash had so many hoops to jump through before they would take responsibility that I just gave up.  I still have two visible marks on my bumper.

Many people don't trust automatic car washes for various reasons. Some people prefer the hands-on approach of handwashing their cars, while others opt for self-service car washes. Certain individuals lack a driveway or access to a hose, while others appreciate the convenience of having everything they need in a single stall.

Self Service Car Washes of Amarillo

If you like a clean car but don't like taking it through a car wash, Amarillo has several self-service car washes throughout the city.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

You pull in, put your money in the machine, and choose what you want.  The sprayer is a good choice to spray down your car rinsing the initial dirt off, then switch it to the soap and brush, once that is done, switch it back to the sprayer to rinse off your car.   Those are just a few of the many options available.

The only thing self-service car wash stalls don't do is dry your car off, so you'll want to bring towels or a chamois.

No matter your preference for washing your car, a clean car is a happy car.

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