He's done music, he's done politics, and now he's here to do real estate.

I'm convinced that Hayden Pedigo has and can do just about anything and make a pretty sweet spectacle out of it. And I'm all here for it

The reasons why, where, or how Pedigo ended up connected with the members of this local real estate firm but it made for some pretty sweet pictures. If he became a real estate agent that donned this as his uniform I can tell you that he would become my first option when it comes to real estate agents in Amarillo.

In case you are not aware of who Hayden Pedgio is, let me give you the rundown on this Panhandle icon.

Who is Hayden Pedigo?

Hayden Pedigio is a Panhandle-born musician, performance artist, model, and politician. Pedigo spent most of his life creating and performing music and garnered a pretty successful music career and still has a decently sized music following, currently standing at 42,026 monthly listeners on Spotify.

But what he's most known for is his run for the Amarillo city council. In 2018, Pedigo launched a political campaign backed by a series of pretty strange, yet hilarious campaign ads.

His campaign was taken as a joke at first, but as Amarillo got closer and closer to voting season, Pedigo had expressed no intentions of not running. Eventually, it garnered national attention, and a documentary was even made about it, titled "Kid Candidate".

Sadly Pedigo did not win the race, but his attempt definitely left a mark on Amarillo's History.

Although there's no sign of him entering Amarillo politics in the future, it would be a pretty interesting move if he were to seriously take a shot at Amarillo real estate. But regardless of what he does, I can confidently say that he will definitely give it his own twist.

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