Recently, a Facebook post has gained traction among the Amarillo community showcasing a heartwarming image and story.

According to the poster of this image, the individual's name is Don who is currently homeless and he is working to sell wood signs made by his very own hands. It is stated that he can be located at the front of Combs and Cuts Barber Shop where he has set up his own stand.

It is also mentioned that buyers can choose from a selection of premade signs or can make requests for custom-made signs. The prices of the signs range from $15 to $20 which is a very good deal for the quality of custom signs that can be seen in the image from the Facebook post.

Upon purchase, not only would you acquire a fine piece of Pyrography but in the process you will also be directly supporting an artist in need. Although a relatively small purchase, it would likely benefit Don in an enormous way.

Sadly it is not uncommon in Amarillo to see individuals stricken by poverty or any number of unfortunate circumstances that leave them unable to provide for themselves. It's a sad reality, yet it is one that we are ever so often directly faced with when making our way through Amarillo.

However, not all instances of poverty should be looked at with nothing but pity or sympathy. In some instances, we can take part in and support those in need not only through charity but through supporting the efforts of those working to lift themselves out of said poverty.

So if you are seeking a beautiful piece of wood art, or simply seek to support Don be sure to find him at the front of Combs and Cuts Baber Shop on 10th & Georgia St.

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