A Disney World guest claimed that she suffered a brain injury after riding one of their iconic water slides.

Laura Reyes-Merino filed the lawsuit in Orange County, Fla. alleged that The Walt Disney World Resort did not “warn of any dangerous conditions about which it knew or should have known about” on its Humunga Kowabunga waterslide at their Typhoon Lagoon waterpark.

The lawsuit claimed that there were “dangerous conditions” and alleged that there were no life guards at the end of the ride where riders exit out off of the body slide.

The apparent incident took place on May 11, 2024 as she went on the ride, “at some point went unconscious after banging inside the ride.” Humunga Kowabunga is 214-foot-long slide that doesn’t incorporate tubes.

The suit stated that her mother and fiancé discovered her “limp body at the end of the ride and frantically asked the attendants to help.” The attendants, in question, were not lifeguards and went to go get lifeguards and to call an ambulance.

The legal team believes they if the theme park had lifeguards at the end of each ride, then “the plaintiff’s brain injury would not have occurred as she wouldn’t have been drowning in the water coughing up blood.” However, they did not further explain how a lifeguard could have prevented the injury.

The plaintiff is seeking $50,000 including costed interest and legal fees.

Watch a point of view video of the attraction, below. (Note: a lifeguard is seen at the end of the slide helping guests.)

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