K-pop group Seventeen can officially count a Wednesday star as one of their biggest fans!

Emma Myers, who portrays Wednesday Addams' lovable werewolf roommate Enid, has been delighting the group's fanbase with her posts about them. So much so that some members have given her a shoutout!

After the Netflix show's popularity, Carats (the group's fans) noticed the connection from Myers' social media posts.

Shortly after, a few of Seventeen's members did the popular Wednesday TikTok dance challenge, which Myers reposted on Instagram.

Then, youngest member Dino gave Myers an Instagram shoutout, writing on his Story, "Thank you @ememyers!!"

"YALL IM ON THE FLOOR ARE YOU KIDDING ME," Myers posted in reply.

And if that wasn't cute enough, Seventeen member Hoshi mentioned her during a live stream when he said, "Heard she's a Carat. Thank you Emma, see you next time!"

Fans loved Myers' cute reaction photos where she appeared comically flabbergasted by the notices.

In a tweet with one million views, a fan shared a screenshot from Myers' Instagram Story where she revealed her biases from the group.

"These two..." Myers said, pointing at S.Coups and Jeonghan in the photo amid a stack of Seventeen albums, showing she truly is just like us.

"She saw the opportunity to flex the albums and took it. [Come on] Emma Myers W," a fan replied.

Another fan said, "She likes Seventeen and her bias is Jeonghan. I knew there were reasons she's my favorite."

"Emma Myers having a Dino pic on her IG feed, a tiger plushie and a whole Mingyu sticker on her phone but ends up being a Jeongcheol stan is so funny to me like she's so real I would've never guess her bias," another fan tweeted.

Another fan posted about seeing their fan-made Seventeen-themed pin on Myers' bag in a photo.

In a Teen Vogue interview and a Q&A on her Instagram, Myers revealed that she got into Seventeen in the most Gen Z way possible: via meme.

She said a Vine featuring the group's song "Aju Nice" is what sucked her in five years ago, and she's even been to the group's U.S. tours and shared that they were her top artist on Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Most recently, she supported Seventeen rapper Vernon's solo single release, "Black Eye," on her Instagram.

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