A man on Reddit is asking if he is wrong for not wanting her on Facebook after her past indiscretions.

The man begins his post by saying that both he and his wife are in their 30's and he weren't on to share that he doesn't like his wife on Facebook because she used to cheat on him.

"My wife and I are in our late 30's. When we first met she used to cheat on me and I always felt that Facebook was a major catalyst for it. Eventually the cheating and deception killed our relationship and we had to split," the husband began.

The couple eventually reconnected and started to date again, but the man says that before they officially became a couple again the social media had to go.

"Fast forward a few years later where we reconnected and started dating and hanging out again. Before we made it official, I told her that all of her social media has to go," the man said.

However, the wife would go on to say that her account got hacked and got reinstated.

"Fast forward to the other night where she told me that her account was hacked and reactivated. Then she told me her picture profile was changed to a totally different person. She said that she was worried that all of her old pics could have been erased since the hacker took her account over," he said.

"So that queued her to log back on and take back her account from the hacker. I told her that her being back on Facebook made me feel uncomfortable and I wanted her off. She told me that she wanted to list our company on her page but that also makes me uncomfortable because I've brought up the idea to make a business page specifically for our company," the man continued.

The man got upset and and wanted to have access to her passwords to have total access a month.

"Anyways I flipped out and told her the only way I’d feel comfortable with her having it is if I knew her passwords and had total access to it. We've been married now for 5 years and she hasn't been on Facebook since 2016," he said before asking if he was wrong for having melt down.

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People in the comments section shared their thoughts on the situation.

"If she's going to cheat she's going to do it whether she has FB or not. You're just being controlling now," one person said.

"You've either forgiven her and trust her, therefore can have a relationship where she has access to any social media without a controlling partner like the adult she is, or you haven't and don't, in which case you shouldn't be with her," another person said.

"Your facebook account deletes after 30 days of the account deletion request, with no way of reactivating it. She disabled her account so she can still have access to it. That is the only way she can go back on. She never deleted it," revealed a Reddit user.

"Old habits die hard," claimed another person.

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