A man on Reddit is sharing his plan to leave his wife and kids, admitting that he doesn't love them. 

He begins his post by saying that he and his wife have been together for seven years and married for four of those years.

"I am currently married to my wife of 4 years, together for 7, and we have 2 kids together. I have honestly been finding my life with them to be quite empty as of late. My wife is a lovely woman, and the kids are cute, but I just feel like I have been playing husband/father to these people who don't feel connected to at all," he begins his story.

The man then shares that he does not love his wife or his kids and that the only person he has felt close to is the woman he is planning to leave his family for.

"As horrible as it sounds, I don't really love them. In fact, I don't think I have ever truly felt close to anyone in my life except the woman I want to leave my wife for, Anaye. I've known Anaye for about 2 years now, and she is the only person to date that I can confidently say I love. I feel like she actually sees me and knows me and is someone I actually feel I understand and love back for both their good and bad aspects," the man shared.

"For everyone else in my life, I have felt as though we have simply been playing empty roles in eachothers lives, whether it be as a friend, son, father, brother, or husband. But I don't feel that way with her, I don't feel alone around her and can be my true self without needing to stick to an archetype," he continued.

The man went on to say that he is now planning to leave his wife and kids for his new girlfriend.

"I've decided that I want to leave my current wife and be with her instead. I've already confirmed that Anaye feels the same way about me, so ending my current marriage is all that needs to be done," he said.

However, he admits to feeling "guilty" and wanted to hear what people had to say about the situation before he broke the news to friends and family.

"But for some reason, I feel kinda guilty and wanted to understand the views of a couple of strangers on here before breaking the news to my wife and other family members," the man concluded.

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People in the comments section agreed that the man is wrong for leaving his wife and kids for his new fling.

"YTA. But it’s too late to fix it. Do your wife a favor and leave her. Leave your kids that you just said you don’t love. Save them a miserable life with you," one person said.

"YTA… you’re cheating on your wife with your conversations with this other woman. Your wife does not deserve this. She deserves much better," another Reddit user shared.

"YTA I hope your wife takes you for everything that you have," someone else added.

"YTA and you're gonna die alone and unloved wondering what you did to deserve it," a different person commented.

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