A married couple went viral after unwittingly scheduling a Panama City Beach vacation during the area’s busiest, most chaotic season: spring break.

Panama City Beach, otherwise known as "PCB," is one of the most visited spring break destinations in the world. Many college students fondly call the beach hot spot “The Spring Break Capital of the World.”

While many young people are excited to visit PCB's white sands for a spring break bash, married couple Dalton and Sako’s experience was more like a spring break blunder.

"When you accidentally go on spring break," the couple wrote over a TikTok video that shows them standing among a sea of college-aged spring breakers.

“What are you looking at?” a playfully suspicious Sako asks her husband as a group of women walk by in their bathing suits, to which he responds, “The ocean.”

“The ocean is that way, not that way,” Sako jokes.

Watch below:

The couple found humor in their situation and continued their coverage of their vacation mishap on TikTok.

In another clip, the couple updated followers on what it was like to party with 20-somethings.

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“Hey, you tapping out already? You’ve only had three drinks, and you're ready for a nap. If you can’t hang with the big dogs, you better stay your a-- up on the porch,” Sako quips to her husband.

In another video, the couple revealed how they really felt about vacationing with thousands of presumably drunken college students.

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