Was it a home run? What's happening, and where are the umpires? Watching a different child each time you watch this video means an entirely new and priceless "LOL" moment.

I caught this (pun intended) on the Today Show Instagram a couple of years ago, and it's making the rounds again because it's the sweetest, funniest video. This cute video is of little kids at a tee ball game in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the Today Show, this is the Dorchester Little League, and little they are, since they're tee-ball players. I'm glad to see that this is more about the fun than the rules and logistics.

I was actually joking about asking where the umps are, until a colleague of mine said he actually used to be an umpire for tee-ball. Ha, who knew? I truly thought the coaches just managed everything.

Here's the video for you, and after watching it several times, I'm still not sure what's going on. I actually prefer that, because it adds to the chaotic cuteness in such a cheerful way.  Watch several times and see if you can keep up. I have my play-by-play on what I think went down below. Do you agree?

It appears that one of the children hit a home run simply because too many little ones went for the ball. When one of them finally picked it up and threw it to the first baseman, the ball bonked him on the head as the hitter was heading toward third base.

Please take note that the hitter never even ran to first base, but rather past the pitcher to second, then third, then home. Meanwhile, kids were everywhere, just enjoying themselves while the ball never made it out of the infield.

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