Zara Larsson, a Swedish pop star known for hits like "Lush Life" and "Never Forget You," defended herself on TikTok after an "edited" comment allegedly made by her went viral on the app.

The fake comment was posted by @6aloha_senoritas9 on TikTok and was made to look like Larsson called the person a "gay slur." It has over four million views.

"Me and Zara Larsson are beefing because cuz I said she makes K-mart music," the person captioned the video.

"Let's just say it for the last, final time," Larsson began a video on her TikTok account. "I have not called anyone a slur, okay?"

She went on to describe how the person had previously commented on another video of hers and told her "she makes K-mart music," to which she replied and said "But yet here you are commenting."

"Ugh, what kind of comeback is that? So lame. But sometimes I can't hold my tongue, like I need to say something," she said of the interaction.

She continued, "He edited that comment saying that I called him something else which I didn't do and everyone who knows me knows I would never call someone a slur."

She also claimed the fan blocked her on TikTok and she blocked him back, because the interaction occurred three weeks ago and she still receives "thousands of comments every day" about it.

"You guys are being so f---ing rude in the comments to me about something I never said and it's making me sad," she said.

She added that the incident has ruined her experience on TikTok, which she used to consider "kinda fun," and she will be taking a break from the app.

"I'm a human being and it makes me sad, honestly," she said. "So, this is just me, coming to my own defense once again."

"[People] thinking you used the slur should watch your music video for 'Symphony,'" one fan commented, referring to Larsson's collaboration with Clean Bandit where the music video tells the story of a gay couple's journey.

Watch the video of Larsson's response, below:

In November, Larsson responded to the "K-mart music" comment with a video reply parodying a viral TikTok video of a so-called "Walmart Justin Bieber."

"Aw, I wish I could tell you what they sell at K-mart. But I've never been there, never shopped there. You seem like a K-mart expert, though," she joked.

Meanwhile, Larsson has recently gone viral on TikTok for another reason entirely with a video of her performing "Ain't My Fault" and showing off her dance skills.

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