When you hear the name Karen, what do you think about it?

Chances are that it's pretty negative, especially with the internet dubbing seemingly entitled and nosy white women who use their privilege to the fullest.

If you're named Karen and don't fit that description...you might want a solution to the worldwide stereotype.

According to an article from the New York Post -- people around the world are ditching the name Karen and leaving the name in the dust.

Think about this: only ONE baby was named Karen in the United Kingdom in 2022.

A large chunk of the Karen population are willing to endure the long legal process of changing their names just because of how big the fad has become...and there's no sign of it going away.

While doing some mild research on the popularity of not liking the name Karen...I found so many instances of 'Karens Gone Wild' -- oof. It's gnarly.

Do you think the Internet has the power to completely get rid of the name Karen? The numbers are dwindling across the country.

Are you named Karen? Do you care about how your name is perceived in society? Would you change your name?

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