Following Nicki Minaj's postponement of her England concert due to her drug arrest in Amsterdam, the rap superstar is speculating the real reasons behind her arrest.

Nicki Minaj Apologizes to Manchester Fans, Questions Arrest in Amsterdam

On Saturday (May 25), Nicki Minaj hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and apologized to her fans for postponing her Manchester, England concert following her drug arrest in Amsterdam. In her message, which can be viewed below, the New York rapper explained that she spent six hours in an Amsterdam jail. Upon being released, she attempted to fly to her intended destination, but her flight was delayed. Despite her best efforts, Nicki decided to cancel her concert but promised that she will swing back and perform in Manchester sooner than later.

Also, in her post, Nicki claimed to have been arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport due to racial profiling by the police. The harrowing incident, which she filmed, prevented her from traveling to Manchester for her scheduled performance.

"So they succeeded at their plan to not let me get on that stage tonight," she wrote. "I succeeded @ getting to the root of it all by recording them & posting everything in real time. I have sooooooooo much video evidence. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you."

"I'll have the lawyers & GOD take it from here tho," she added.

Prior to her arrest, Nicki implied that certain unnamed individuals were being paid big money to undermine her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. The 41-year-old rhymer chose not to name the people she believed were plotting to obstruct her tour.

"They’re being paid big money to try to sabotage my tour b/c soooooo many ppl are mad that it's this successful & they can’t eat off me," she wrote. "They got caught stealing money from my travel/jets. Got fired. Got mad. Etc."

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Nicki Films Her Arrest in Amsterdam After "Soft Drugs" Found in Luggage

As previously reported, Nicki Minaj was arrested in Amsterdam after police found drugs in her bags. The "Everybody" rapper filmed her arrest and shared it on her Instagram page.

In one of the clips, which can be viewed below, the Queens, N.Y. native is talking to a police rep, or possibly an interpreter, who is trying to explain to her that the authorities are going to thoroughly search her luggage.

In another clip, Nicki is being arrested by police officers who inform her that they will further search her luggage at the police station. A frustrated Nicki demands that she speak to her lawyer before eventually hopping in the police van. The video concludes with the officer closing the police van door with Nicki still inside filming.

Hours later, the Netherland Police Department issued a statement on X regarding Nicki's arrest.

In their statement, they said Nicki was arrested on the alleged suspicion of exporting soft drugs. She consulted with the Public Prosecution Service and was let go with a small fine of 350 euros ($378.45).

Netherland Police Department issued a statement regarding Nicki Minaj's arrest and release.

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See Nicki's apology to her fans following her drug arrest in Amsterdam and speculation that police racially profiled her below.

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