'SNL' cast member Jay Pharoah, who played Kanye West to perfection earlier this year, raps about discount shopping for threads at H&M in a hilarious music video from last night's (Dec. 14) episode. He references the joys of shopping at H&M -- so many of the customers boast hair like One Direction and you can buy lawn ornaments, scarves and more.

Host John Goodman was a part of the action, shopping for six shirts and four pairs of pants for with a $60 budget! Hey, that's what H&M specializes in.

The rest of the rap focuses on skinny jeans that look painted on and how the retailer's prices are great but wash the clothes once and watch 'em disintegrate.


Rapper Wale appears in the skit, dropping some rhymes, while Goodman struggles to fit his plus-size figure into H&M's signature skinny jeans with unconventional sizing!

Watch it like 10 times, since you won't catch all of the jokes at once. It was another brilliant skit featuring the wonderful Jay Pharoah.

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