If Jessie J ever wanted to change her career, here's proof that she'd make a pretty badass ventriloquist.

The 'Price Tag' singer has already wowed the world with her powerhouse voice -- but this time, she's doing it without even opening her mouth. For real.

The British star unleashed her (hilarious) hidden talent on 'The Graham Norton Show,' revealing that she can talk -- and sing! -- with her mouth completely closed.

"I discovered, when I was little, that I could pretend I was in a box," she explained, laughing. And no, not in the trapped-in-a-box-like-a-mime sense: Jessie J could muffle her voice like she was talking from inside a box.

While her description of of the talent is funny enough on its own, it doesn't even come close to her acting it out -- especially when she sings 'Bang Bang.' And for that, you're just gonna have to watch the hysterical video above. We've been losing it all morning!

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