As we get ready for Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Jimmy Kimmel gives us a hilarious but perhaps not-so-flattering closer look at Golden State Warriors fans. It is amazing how gullible people are when a television camera and microphone are placed in front of them.

When Kimmel sends an interviewer to Oracle Arena in Oakland to prank Warriors fans prior to the game, you know it is going to be hilarious. "Lie Witness News" is just that: fans get asked questions involving phony players, strategies and other stuff by Kimmel's crew, but they react on camera like it is real news.

The funniest moment in the video is probably at the 1:34 mark, when a fan is asked about LeBron James stunning the basketball world by announcing that he was changing his name to Michael Jordan. Not only does the Warriors fan believe the story, but he goes a step further and tells the interviewer where he was when he first heard the news. Great stuff.

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