Last week you may have seen the viral video of a young women, by the name of Kaitlin Hellar, 'twerking.'  It ends with her setting herself on fire when her roommate startles her by entering the room.

With racking up over 9 million views on YouTube in under a week, it was to be named 'The Best Twerking Fail Of All Time'

However, internet conspiracy theorist were quick to say the video was staged and set up. There was no clear answer on the authenticity of the video until Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.  He interviewed a women by the name of Daphne Avalon who turned out to be a stunt women!

Kimmel, said in the confession "We didn't send it to any TV station,we didn't tweet it, we just uploaded the video to YouTube and let the magic happen"

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel was behind it all!  I'll admit he had me fooled, how about you?

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