Boxing is no joke for wanted man Justin Bieber. The singer, who appeared in a battered, boxing-themed spread for his Complex cover, who escorted Floyd Mayweather into the ring a few weeks ago and who reportedly got into a scuffle with a photographer who got too close this weekend, recently learned to box with the legendary Mike Tyson.

You can watch the video of the training sesh below, as the Biebs is jabbing with a punching bag, while Tyson barks words of encouragement. We really only get a peek at Biebs’ back while he throws punches. He really has a thing for the ring.

Tyson tweeted a shot of himself, the singer and an associate, posting: “Me, @johnny and @justinbieber before we started training JB.”

The Bieb’s obsession with boxing is no joke. There’s also no better teacher than former champ Tyson, who saw his career revived with his appearance in ‘The Hangover.’

Tyson shared the 42-second video, revealing that the ‘Boyfriend’ singer popped by prior to the Billboard Music Awards to say hello to the family. He killed time with the bag, too!

Watch Justin Bieber Box With Mike Tyson

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