If you are Neil Patrick Harris, you don't care who unfollows you on Twitter. If you are a normal person, though, you probably do want to know what jerk gave you a Twitter-ized "it's not you, it's me." Clearly you need the app JustUnfollow to stalk all those tweeps who reject you.

JustUnfollow, by Codigami Inc., allows you to keep track of Twitterers who unfollow you, plus those you follow but don't return the favor. You may do with this knowledge as you will—but remember that revenge is not always the answer. (Just a majority of the time.)


  • Enables you to follow and unfollow those who unfollow you, as well as those whom you follow but do not follow you back
  • Allows you to track those who follow you, so you can follow them back
  • Gives you Whitelist (Twitter accounts you may want to follow) and Blacklist (those Twitter accounts you probably don't want to follow) options
  • Lets you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single place
  • Available in a free version


  • The amount of users you can unfollow on the free version is limited to 50 people
  • Doesn't link with other Twitter-related sites like Instagram
  • The upgrades are pricey and time-limited: the Premium version is $4.99  for one year of unlimited access for one Twitter account; the Pro version is $24.99 for one year of unlimited access for five Twitter accounts; and both the Pro and Premium versions allow you to White- and Blacklist up to 10,000 Twitter users


The free version of JustUnfollow is a great way to manage your Twitter. It also allows you to feed your vindictive soul. However, the Premium and Pro versions are rather expensive for what they offer. In the end, stick with the free version—cattiness should be indulged only so much.

JustUnfollow is available to download for Android platforms. For more information on the app and how to download, click here.