Katy Perry‘s chameleon-like hair color changes are nothing new — the natural blonde has gone brunette, black, red, blonde, pink and back. But when the starlet dyed her hair blue shortly after her split with Russell Brand, many speculated it was a reflection of how she was feeling — blue. Her hair colorist knows the real deal. Is Perry’s new hue to help her heal?

Not quite! ”Katy wanted to go this particular color blue for a few weeks now,” Perry’s colorist, Rita Hazan, told Us Weekly. Despite the plan for the electric shade, her pink-tinged blonde locks she sported recently weren’t just to prep for the blue. Hazan says that the ash shade ”was not an interim shade. She knew it wouldn’t be permanent — just another Katy Perry look!”

Hazan added that it wasn’t that tough going from blonde to blue. ”It didn’t take long to transition to this color as we have been working together previously.”

Perry is one of Hazan’s favorite clients because she loves to change up her appearance and take risks. ”We have a great relationship — Katy is the ideal client because she loves to be creative and unpredictable with her look.”

Perry’s eclectic glam style has emerged not just in her hair colors, but also her makeup. The ‘The One That Got Away‘ singer is the new face of her own false eyelash line.

While we dig Perry’s new do — it looks amazing with her bright blue eyes — we just hope she’s careful with her coloring, because too much dye can wreak havoc on even the healthiest head of hair. Perry’s aware of the risks. “I’ll probably have to shave my head one day because of all of it,” Perry said in December.

“I’m having fun with my hair color, because I was black-haired for 10 years,” she said. “That was a long time, so I just decided to change things up, try new things and see what worked.” When you’re as pretty as Perry, that gives you plenty of options. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!