As if hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ wasn’t enough to fill her cup, Katy Perry made a new best friend — make that several best friends — during one of her hilarious skits on the show.

In the latest ‘SNL’ Digital Short to come off of the reel, Katy buddies up to Andy Samberg as they wear funny hats, watch ‘The Lion King’ and eat cornish hens. But when two becomes boring company, the pair best friends add a handsome drug addict to their growing group, which of course brings even more lols.

Katy and Andy go from doing best friend things to homeless man things, and within seconds they’re eating day-old pizza, stealing and wearing Depends. Later, when a meth-addict joins their circle, the foursome decides to play Russian Roulette, which is when Katy pulls the trigger on her newfound friendships and peaces out.

This new short is two minutes of nonstop hilarity, but perhaps the funniest of all is Katy’s sweater, which is circa 1994.

Watch Katy Perry’s New ‘SNL’ Digital Short

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