Because there's no time like the weekend for a perfectly silly bit of celebrity news-type stuff, we feel obligated to inform you that while Kesha has denied those nasty rumors regarding her having carnal knowledge of young Justin Bieber, that doesn't mean she wouldn't be willing.

GossipCop (via Oh No They Didn't) reports that Kesha discussed the possibility of bumping uglies with Bieber during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, in which a person who presumably went to journalism school posed the question, "Now that he’s single, would you consider it?"

"Sure," she responded before wondering, "Wait, is he even legal? Could I go to jail for this?"

After being assured that Bieber is indeed 18, Kesha reaffirmed her willingness to combine her 'Tik Tok' with his 'Eenie Meenie.' "OK, then, I would," she shrugged. "We could go out and buy lottery tickets, vote, play putt-putt golf. All the things that are legal at the age of 18."

Having already zoomed past the outer limits of celebrity interview absurdity, the writer paused for a moment to try and remind Kesha that one doesn't normally have to wait until one's 18th birthday before sampling the dangerous pleasures of putt-putt golf, only to be schooled in imaginary Southern law by the glitter-soaked pop star. "In Tennessee you do. They take it really seriously," insisted Kesha. "But you can marry your cousin -- I think that’s legal at any age."

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