Siblings. Can't live with them. Can't live without them, although this girl probably wishes she could at the moment.

A hilarious video has gone viral this week, showing one brother coming up with an awesome way to scare the you-know-what out of his sister and her friends.

They were in the middle of an Ouija Board party, when things got weird. Also, I've seen my fair share of horror movies, so I know if there's one thing you don't mess with... It's Ouija Boards.

These girls decided to have a little scare party and man, they were in for a treat.

In the middle of their already-frightening party, the brother decided he would go to the fuse box and mess around. So he began flipping the fuse to her bedroom, causing the lights to go on and off. Naturally, the girls were absolutely terrified, and screamed loudly each time.


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