If you love tattoos then you know that Ink Life Tour is headed to Amarillo next weekend.  Not only are giving away tons of weekend passes, but we want to hook you and a friend up with a VIP Lunch Meet and Greet with Clint Cummings.

If you have watch Ink Masters on Spike TV then the name Clint Cummings is familiar.  He is an amazing artist that left the show too soon.  His work is amazing and his talent speaks for itself.

Well Mr. Cummings will be town for the Ink Life Tour and he will be stopping by the studios several times throughout the week.   Not only that, but Clint has agreed to have a meet and greet lunch with one of our listeners.  Yeah, you and a friend will get to meet and have lunch with Clint Cummings and we'll throw in weekend passes for the tour.

Be listening all week for your chance to get signed up.  The winner will be announced by Clint Cummings himself, Wednesday afternoon during the 5 O'Clock Bomboocha. 

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