Lady Gaga‘s sold-out show in Indonesia, scheduled for June 3, was canceled due to threats from extremist religious sects, despite 52,000 little monsters having bought tickets. It was in the best interest for everyone’s safety and well-being for the show NOT to go on.

However, the local monster contingent staged a flash mob at the EX Plaza in Indonesia on May 27 and uploaded the video on June 2, according to the Jakarta Post.

Another mini Monster Ball was staged on the actual show date in front of Bung Karno Main Stadium, which is where Gaga was supposed to perform. So despite the fringe groups proclaiming Gaga was a threat to the nation’s morality and would corrupt the youth, a little Gaga-related fun was had and voices were heard. And whataya know? The country’s moral codes remained in tact despite such demonstration.

Gaga was moved to tears when she saw video of the EX Plaza demonstration, tweeting: “This made me cry so hard. This happened in Indonesia yesterday. I love you so much. You are the best fans in the world.” They take after their Mother Monster. It also appears that the video below, which Gaga shared, happened several days ago, though.

We love how the monsters rocked platforms and statement shoulder pads.

Gaga was devastated over the cancellation, promising to try to do something special for the fans as soon as possible.

She ultimately chose not to alter her show or to push back against the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), which threatened chaos and violence, and even claimed it would show up at the airport when Gaga touched down. The local police could not guarantee her safety or that of fans, so it was best to just call the whole thing off.

The 52,000 monsters who bought tickets are being refunded. That’s gotta hurt the local promoter’s pocket, though.

Watch the Lady Gaga Indonesia Flash Mob

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