On Wednesday (May 1), Logic surprised fans by announcing that he was dropping a new song called “Homicide” with none other than Eminem. Well, it’s finally here.

The Maryland rhymer released the track on Friday (May 3) and it’s a lyrical heat rock. Produced by Shroom and Bregma, the song features an eerie organ-sounding riff and a thunderous beat. On it, both Logic and Eminem are spitting lyrical bullets at their detractors and leaving dead bodies behind.

"Fuck rap/Bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic/Who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back/Hold up, catch a vibe, ain't no way in hell we leavin' nobody alive/Even suicide, no, fuck that/Bobby feelin' villainous, he killin' this/I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby/I'm feelin' like I'm, chika-chika-chika, Slim Shady with rabies," raps Logic on the chorus.

Eminem keeps up the heat with his rapid-fire rhymes aimed at rappers who used ghostwriters. He even name-drops Jay-Z in the process.

"Jigga-jigga-jigga-jigga-jigga like Jay-Z/Jig is up, you fuckers who didn't write anything," he raps. "Are getting washed now, chika-chika-chika, like bathing/Young Hova, I know hittas like Yankees/Gun toters that pull triggers like crazy/Unloadin,' leave you shot up in your Rover/Your body goes limp and slumps over/Like A-Rod in a month lull, but he just homered."

In an interesting note, the song includes an appearance from comedian Chris D'Elia, who famously impersonated Eminem with a joke freestyle last fall. Em himself said he was a fan, and D'Elia's appearance on this track is further proof that there's no bad blood between the two.

Logic is set to release his new album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind sometime this year. His previous LP was the critically-acclaimed project YSIV, which dropped on Sept. 28, 2018.

Listen to Logic's song "Homicide" featuring Eminem below.

Logic Eminem Homicide
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