America’s rich don’t just like to live large, they even want to slide down into their private pools in stylish fashion. While a private sports court or a pool is commonplace, a recently listed luxury estate boasts a 185-foot long serpentine water slide, one of the longest residential water slides for any home this side of the world. The asking price for the privilege to slide down at will — only $16.5 million.

Tudor house pool

We don’t know who the current owner of the house is, but this 1930′s Tudor Estate in Hillsborough, California also offers a bay view and 12 bedrooms. The property is spread across 2.6 acres of gated land and the house alone offers over 15,000 square feet of living space. Which still leaves enough space for a 185-ft slide on this resort-inspired grounds.

We also found it interesting that it’s listed as “one of the longest residential water slides.” ONE OF the longest means there is a “longest residential water slide” out there somewhere and we’re going to find it even if we have to hop every backyard fence in America.

[Via Born Rich]

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