Madonna absolutely LOATHES Hydrangea flowers, oh what you didn't know?  How stupid are you?  According to Madonna, your pretty freaking stupid for not knowing that!  Try to hand her one of these beautiful flowers and she'll make a scene and let the whole world know what an idiot you are.  According to me, your a thoughtful person that is trying to extend a nice gesture.

This actually happened!  A FAN handed her one of these flowers, she took it with a smile, then on an open microphone, said she "Absolutely loathes" them and that the fan "obviously didn't know that".  She said it in that stupid accent she's adopted as well.  But apparently, to give something nice to her, you better know her favorite color, food, drink, chocolate candy, etc or she will call you out as a mindless idiot.  Madonna is going to win my STFU award of the month.  So M, if your reading this, the next time a fan hands you a Hydrangea flower, accept it, and just STFU!  You do know how irrelevant you are now a days right?  Stick with adopting 3rd world children from other countries because we are done with you in America!

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