If you found yourself working from home at anytime during the coronavirus pandemic, you probably came to one of two conclusions - "I love this, let's keep it going" or "This sucks, I can't concentrate and I can't stand being stuck here." Working from home isn't for everyone. It requires you to develop a new routine and hold yourself accountable. If you have kids that are home too, then you have to be a full-time parent while being a full-time employee. But for those that like the change and can handle your living and working space being the same place, then you just might like the results of this survey.

Fishbowl, a workplace social network for verified employees, asked the professions on their network: “If your company approved, would you choose to work from home permanently?” And the majority answer we YES! Fishbowl conducted the survey for 3 days and had 17,000 responses. In Texas, a total of 1,073 employees answered the survey, with 57.22% saying they want to permanently work from home.

The study also found that more women than men said yes to working from home. If you work in a tech-related job, then you really want to work from home. Tech employees had the highest percentage of workers who want to keep working from home at 68.41%. The group that wanted to return to their workplace the most, however, is teachers. Only 33.57% of K-12 teachers said they wanted to keep working from home. We know this has been a really tough time on teachers, so this is not much of a surprise.

What about you? Do you want too keep working from home or go back to the office and job site?

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