A man accused his gay co-worker of having an affair with his wife, Danielle, after he began questioning the paternity of his daughter.

The man's accused co-worker took to Reddit to explain the whole ordeal and how it spun out of control.

"I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this entire situation that's unfolded in the past six weeks," the man wrote via Reddit. "Robert just had his first daughter, Chelsea, after four boys. The boys are dang near carbon copies of him; bleach-blond straight hair, freckle-less skin, and I swear to god they were just born with tans."

The man explained that Danielle is the complete opposite, saying she's "a tightly curled redhead with freckles for days, and burns like there's no tomorrow."

The newborn had red hair from birth. The gay co-worker, who is also a redhead, explained that when he met Chelsea he joked, "Omg it finally happened! The red is alive!" — but his suspicious co-worker was not amused.

"Robert goes, 'Yeah, don’t bank on that staying. My genes are strong after all,'" he wrote. "Danielle rolled her eyes and I shrugged it off as a weird joke at first, but the entire time I was there, he pretty much kept going on about how his genes would prevail."

Fast forward to three weeks later and Robert was still complaining about how little he saw himself in his daughter, and that "some days he thinks he's looking at another person's baby."

After constant complaining, the co-worker noted he explained to Robert how genetics work, but the man just wasn't having it. After a few days, all hell broke loose.

"Three days ago, Robert came into work just itching for an argument with everyone. Our mutual friend Jessie asked him wtf his deal was on our break after he shouted at another friend for asking a work related question," he continued. "He blew up saying he knows Chelsea isn’t his, that his cheating wh--e of a wife just won’t admit it and he knows exactly who she was f---ing around with."

Gigin Krishnan via Unsplash
Gigin Krishnan via Unsplash

According to the confused co-worker, Robert "then look[ed] over at me and points at me and yells at me to get my a-- outside. I asked 'why?' And he starts screaming he’s not stupid, he knows I’ve been trying to kiss a-- to avoid this beat down."

That's when he was suddenly accused of having an affair with Robert's wife.

"He started demanding I take a paternity test and I again asked if he was completely serious," he wrote. "He said he was because I spend so much time with Danielle. He’s not necessarily wrong, but she’s a part of the girlfriend group I’m a part of, there’s five of us in total and we do artsy stuff, try new places, just hang out and do whatever but never stuff like THAT."

Initially, the co-worker refused to take the test, but after some time, Robert agreed to pay for it, so the man reluctantly agreed to do it at some point.

"I agreed to the test and told him he may as well quit his job and just vanish after this because it’s gonna be real embarrassing when I walk in with the paperwork and wave it around saying I’m not the daddy to his red headed child and he has to explain to everyone including his own children what an absolute idiot he is," the man added.

Reddit users were flabbergasted by Robert's accusations, suggesting he might be the one cheating on his wife, and that's why he's acting this way.

"He’s accusing her of cheating because HE is the one who has cheated and/or is presently cheating," one person wrote, while another commented: "He just accuses his wife of cheating, that to me sounds like he’s projecting."

Others tried to rationalize that not all children look like their parents.

"He says he feels like he's looking at another person's child. Well he never thought that his wife also doesn't see herself in their other FOUR children. I guess it doesn't matter, only his feelings do :). (Plus we all know how bonkers it is to even think about that," another person shared.

Someone else offered their own experience with the family gene pool: "My sister and I look exactly alike. For some reason. Except I have half of my father's nose and half of my mother's nose and my sister's nose is fine. My sister and I are 7 years apart and have different dads. My older brother looks like my mom's younger brother and my little brother looked like our dad. My sister and I don't really look like anyone in the family except each other. Genes work in funny ways."

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