I'm a BIG fan of all the "Bigfoot" shows that they have on TV. Do I believe that Bigfoot exists?

Yes! A few weeks ago I blogged this story on this guy who claims he shot and killed a Bigfoot in Texas.  His name is Rick Dyer the "Bigfoot Tracker" he says that he killed Bigfoot back in 2012 near San Antonio! Now I believe the whole Bigfoot story, but I really don't believe Rick's story!

The Bigfoot Tracker called in on the show and said that he is willing to SHUT MY BIG MOUTH UP by bringing the Sasquatch corpse to Amarillo to prove to everyone that he killed BIGFOOT!

The guy is a known for pulling off hoaxes, so this could just be another one...

Listen 2/13/14 in the 2pm hour as Dallas Chambers interviews Rick Dyer!


Catch the original interview with "Bigfoot Tracker" and Tommy the Hacker below!

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