It was a pretty significant setup this little cockfight had going on.

Over in Harris County, Texas police were called out to 4000 block of Mooney Road. Police had no idea why so many people were on this property, turns out someone had a little cockfight ring going on. They had stadium style seating around the ring so people could watch the fights. Precinct 1 Constable Al Rosen says, "It's extremely rare to catch a cockfighting ring like this. It's very rare."

A citizen's tip lead to the arrest of the owner of the property. They face promotion of cockfighting a misdemeanor charge, but more charges could be added. Police say at least 306 animals have been saved from this cockfighting ring. Roosters, hens, eggs, and chicks were found on the scene. They estimate that fifty people were on the scene and many were able to escape on foot.

Their vehicles were left behind, some of which had bird cages with roosters inside. Tow trucks have towed all of the spectator's vehicles that were at the cockfight. The SPCA is currently checking out the animals to make sure they don't have any serious medical problems.

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