I've seen parents tattoo their child's name on them, or even seen portraits of kids face. Some people get their kid's footprints tatted on them.

That's a common thing parents do to keep memories of their kids. But this story definitely caught my attention and had me asking myself, 'Is this chick serious'? What kind of parent would even want to do this to a child. This person needs to be arrested!

A women from Albany, New York – A local New York State resident, Franny Trokerns was arrested early this morning after being turned in by her babysitter. After the babysitter noticed the child was constantly screaming as if the baby was pain she took the baby's clothes off to give her a bath and saw the baby had a REAL tattoo on the her right arm.

The babysitter was in disbelief and immediately called authorities. The mother works as a dancer at a local strip bar and apparently during a night of heavy drinking of shots she allowed her on-and-off-again boyfriend Derrek Honsteads (a tattoo artist) to tattoo her 9 month old baby for a little practice!

The above story has been reported by snopes.com to be a hoax, however the video below has not and is very hard to watch.

Another story has surfaced about a dad who decided to give his child a tattoo while he was drunk. Here is actual footage of a drunk dad tattooing a baby. What the hell is wrong with people?