One native Texan has taken to to challenge Southern fast food titan Whataburger to do something a little different to its menu.

Miguel Villarreal calls himself a school nutritional expert with more than 30 years experience, and he's also a native Texan. Whataburger, founded 65 years ago in Corpus Christi, does not currently have a "plant-based food option" (like a veggie burger).

And Villarreal wants to change that. He started a petition on asking Whataburger to add veggie burgers to its menu. Here's some of what he writes on his petition:

"My name is Miguel Villarreal and I’m a school nutrition professional with over 30 years of experience. I’m also a Texas native and have enjoyed many meals at Whataburger over the years with my family. In my line of work, we’re hearing so much about childhood obesity and witnessing firsthand the results of unhealthy eating. Whataburger can help be a part of the solution by adding a plant-based veggie burger to its menus and help bring about a positive change to millions of Americans. Most importantly, for all the loyal customers in Texas and Southwest who are suffering from chronic illnesses due to poor dietary choices."

You can read his full petition here. He currently has 672 supporters with 1,000 needed.

Villarreal posted an update that included a response from Whataburger:

"There was a short response from a Whataburger representative (Scott). He said they are always looking at new ideas and appreciates the petition. The number of people signing the petition DOUBLED in the last two days. There are now over 600 signers! Please keep sharing the petition with your family, friends, co-workers, etc. Nutrition and wellness education is fundamental, but so is providing the loyal Whataburger customers from the South with a healthier entree option. I believe it will happen, but Whataburger will need to be persuaded by all of us. Thank you for your support."

Whataburger has long been considered one of the best fast-food burgers in the South, and if you're as arrogant as I am about it, they're the best period.

What do you think? Should Whataburger add a plant-based option, or veggie burgers, to its menu?

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