If you've driven by the Neon Sun tanning salon on Hillside & Bell in Amarillo, you might have seen a sign out front that shocked you. The business has been advertising that using tanning beds may actually prevent skin cancer and other diseases.

The owner of Neon Sun, Blake Goldston claims he has several reports from the CDC that back his claim showing that there is no direct correlation between tanning beds and skin cancer. He says that the estimated risk of excessive sun exposure is controversial according to a study from Dermatologic Therapy.

"There is no research that exists that shows a causal between indoor tanning and increased incidents of skin cancer and melanoma," Goldston said. ~ More At Connect Amarillo

Gladston says that the current studies don't actually show enough evidence and the number of skin cancer cases are actually decreasing.

Jason McCoy of the High Plains division of the American Cancer Society disagrees. He stated all the information he receives is from the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Currently, Texas has more than 3,000 people with skin cancer and 590 deaths in 2014 alone.

Amarillo dermatologist Elaine Cook states that there is no truth to the signs and warns that the misinformation could end up harming residents.

As of this morning, their sign has been changed to read the following:

Photo By Townsquare Media