It's always exciting when we get to share that local businesses are expanding in and around Amarillo. CB Boutique and Amarillo Candle Company are both opening a new storefront in Westgate Mall. Not only is it great to see these local favorites growing, but it is also great to see new business opening in Westgate Mall. Across the country, malls have taken a hit over the years. The trend has been more open air type shopping areas and of course online shopping. But here in Amarillo, we still have a strong mall despite the challenges it has faced.

CB Boutique has opened their Cuddle Buddy Station. They have several new friends to choose from - frogs, unicorns, teddy bears, even Santa, and snowmen. They you give your new friend a heart and make a wish. Finally, it is time to give your friend some stuffing and pick out accessories. This is something the whole family can enjoy and take home a lasting memory. You can find out more information by searching "Cuddle Buddy Station" on Facebook. Amarillo Candle Company and Gifts offer a wide variety of scent products to make your space smell great. From candles to sprays, they boast a list of over 130 different scents.

The easiest way to find the new shops, it to enter through the  Dillard's Women's entrance. Check them out Monday through Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sundays 12pm to 6pm.

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