Will Ferrell has done some pretty interesting things and this new one takes the cake!  He goes from the party hard Frank The Tank in Old School which was awesome.  Then he was the devastated man in Everything Must Go, which sucked out loud.  Now, it appears he will be redeeming himself in this new flick, Casa De Mi Padre (house of my father).

The title of the movie is not deceiving at all I might add.  This movie is all done in Espanol!  Yeah, Will Ferrell is speaking Spanish the entire movie as he portrays Armando Alvarez, a Mexican rancher with an extremely hot fiancee played by Genesis Rodriguez.

I watched the trailer, then I started looking for others because I am so captivated by this new side of Will Ferrell!  This movie is definitely on my list of "must see"!

Look for this flick in theaters on March 16th!