We all saw this coming, and in a way, it's already here.  There's cities in our country that have already banned cell phone use while driving.  Even here in Amarillo, TX, if you are using your phone in a school zone, you will get pulled over and get a ticket.  They take that stuff pretty seriously.  Now, the National Transportation Safety Board is seeking a ban on cell phone and other electronic device using while driving for the entire nation!

You know I gotta admit, I am all for this!  I've heard way to many tragic stories of people all ages dying in cell phone related traffic accidents.  More then 3000 people last year alone died in these related accidents!  That's way to many!

It's such an easy fix to!  Just put the damn cell phone down!  Whatever you have to say can wait till you've made it to your destination and it's not worth your life!  So myself, I would be all for it.  I really do try my hardest to just not look at my cell phone while I drive.  I realize it's very difficult at first, but if this goes through, when you get caught doing it, it could lead to a serious fine! (Washington Post)

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended a nationwide ban on driver use of personal electronic devices Tuesday, following its investigation into a deadly accident last year in Missouri.

NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman discussed the recommendations during a press conference after a meeting on that accident.

The NTSB’s recommendations urge all 50 states and the District ”to ban the nonemergency use of portable electronic devices (other than those designed to support the driving task).” According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 35 states, including Maryland and Virginia, and the District ban texting while driving.

We've been saying it, it's not worth it.  Don't Text and DrIvE!

Now I'd like to get a figure of people that are using their cell phones while driving.  Your vote will remain annonymous so don't worry about that.  Just take our poll and tell us honestly.  Do you use your cell phone while you drive?


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