We haven't heard anything crazy from Odd Future this year, so it's kind of odd that the group has remain relatively quiet in 2012. That is, until last week. According to TMZ, a fan is preparing to sue Odd Future for a recent assault at their concert.

Chassan Rasagi, a 17-year-old fan, claims that the motley crew of rappers pummeled him when he jumped onstage during their show in San Antonio, Texas. In a YouTube video, Rasagi is seen walking onstage when Odd Future member Left Brain -- whose reputation precedes him -- confronts him. It's hard to see what happens next, but it looks like someone got a thorough stomping by the crew. According to the concertgoer who shot the clip, Rasagi allegedly threw the first punch at Left Brain, and thus, a melee ensued.

Now we have issued this warning before so here it is again. Jumping up onstage when a rapper is performing can be hazardous to your health -- especially if Odd Future is on said stage. So please stop doing that.

TMZ reports that Rasagi suffered cuts on his head, scratches on his arms and burns during the vicious beat down. He also claims that he suffered two seizures from the attack. Rasagi now plans to file a lawsuit against Odd Future for the assault.

Reps for Odd Future had no comment on the matter.

Watch the Footage of Alleged Fan Beatdown at Odd Future Concert

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